Our Renovation

Our original location

How do you turn a closed pharmacy into a warm and inviting cafe? The social commentator Margaret Wheatley says, “whatever the problem, the solution is community.” We put this to the test by calling on a network of interested people who jumped at the chance to use tools…especially in the demolition phase.

The project ran from August 1 to November 15, 2013 when we opened for business with all our permits and certifications.

So, how many volunteers does it take to make a coffee shop? 69 volunteers logged 1404 hours of work that ranged from challenging to hard to fun.

Of course we had to have professionals handle the jobs that took required certified contractors, but every job that could be done by a volunteer was.

The best way to check out the story of the renovations is to head over to our Facebook page to check out the pictures and videos. 


Our new location

The beautiful new space by the Strathcona County Library situated on Volunteer Plaza was donated by Christensen Developers. They connected with our goal to build community and felt a nearby cafe would be beneficial to their residents in Bedford Village.

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