Hot Drinks

Our coffee and espresso drinks are made with direct-trade Intelligentsia beans.

Lactaid, soy or coconut milk can be substituted for $0.50

Flavour shots, from a large selection of Monin syrups, for $0.50

April Donation Drinks 

A portion from each drink goes to the winning charity.

Lavender White Mochaccino  – Steamed milk with a double shot of espresso, Monin white chocolate sauce, Monin lavender syrup. $6.25

Coconut Chai Latte – Steamed milk and organic chai concentrate, Monin coconut syrup. $6.00

Lavender London Fog – Numi aged earl grey tea, steamed milk and Monin lavender syrup. $5.25

April Charities 

Communities in Bloom is focused on environmental stewardship through enhancement of green spaces. Communities in bloom is all about greening through the environment, natural heritage conservation and horticultural actions that involve citizens, businesses, institutions, and municipalities.

AltView’s mission is to build diverse pro-queer and pro-trans communities in Alberta through advocacy, education, empowerment, collaboration, and the arts.

Zoe's Animal Rescue Society

Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society is a volunteer-run, shelterless rescue in Edmonton, Alberta. 


Espresso-based Drinks 

All available regular or decaf.

Latte – Steamed milk with a double shot of espresso. $4.25

Mochaccino – Steamed milk, double shot of espresso and dark chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel options. $4.75

Cappuccino – Double shot of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. $3.75

Americano – Double shot of espresso poured over hot water. $4.25

French Press – ground espresso and hot water in a french press. $3.25

Espresso – double shot of espresso. $3.00

On the Simpler Side…

House Blend Coffee – decaf not available. 12oz – $2.25  /   16oz – $2.75

Numi Tea – organic, fair trade teas in a variety of flavours. $2.25

Red Rose Tea – $1.25

Espresso-less Drinks

Chai Latte – steamed milk and chai concentrate. $4.50

London Fog – earl grey tea, vanilla, and steamed milk $4.25

Matcha Latte – steamed milk and matcha powder $4.25

Tea Latte – choice of tea with steamed milk. $4.00

Milk Steamer – steamed milk. $4.00

Hot Chocolate – Monin chocolate sauce and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream. $3.75

Apple Cider – hot apple cider. $3.00

For Kids 

Milk Steamer – $3.00

Hot Chocolate – $2.75




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