Hot Drinks

Our coffee and espresso drinks are made with direct-trade Intelligentsia beans.

Lactaid, soy or coconut milk can be substituted for $0.50

Flavour shots, from a large selection of Monin syrups, for $0.50

April Donation Drinks 

A portion from each drink goes to the winning charity.

Lavender White Mochaccino  – Steamed milk with a double shot of espresso, Monin white chocolate sauce, Monin lavender syrup. $6.25

Coconut Chai Latte – Steamed milk and organic chai concentrate, Monin coconut syrup. $6.00

Lavender London Fog – Numi aged earl grey tea, steamed milk and Monin lavender syrup. $5.25


Espresso-based Drinks 

All available regular or decaf.

Latte – Steamed milk with a double shot of espresso. $4.25

Mochaccino – Steamed milk, double shot of espresso and dark chocolate, white chocolate, or caramel options. $4.75

Cappuccino – Double shot of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam. $3.75

Americano – Double shot of espresso poured over hot water. $4.25

French Press – ground espresso and hot water in a french press. $3.25

Espresso – double shot of espresso. $3.00

On the Simpler Side…

House Blend Coffee – decaf not available. 12oz – $2.25  /   16oz – $2.75

Numi Tea – organic, fair trade teas in a variety of flavours. $2.25

Red Rose Tea – $1.25

Espresso-less Drinks

Chai Latte – steamed milk and chai concentrate. $4.50

London Fog – earl grey tea, vanilla, and steamed milk $4.25

Matcha Latte – steamed milk and matcha powder $4.25

Tea Latte – choice of tea with steamed milk. $4.00

Milk Steamer – steamed milk. $4.00

Hot Chocolate – Monin chocolate sauce and steamed milk, topped with whipped cream. $3.75

Apple Cider – hot apple cider. $3.00

For Kids 

Milk Steamer – $3.00

Hot Chocolate – $2.75




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